Reasons For Leak Repair in Vancouver WA: Corrosion and Erosion 


Piper_Final-94Our last blog post gave a few examples for why your pipes might leak.  This post will discuss how corrosion and erosion might have you in hot (or cold) water…literally!

Corrosion is often due to an issue with the copper or galvanized steel piping in your home.  A common cause of these issues is acidic water (water with a low pH).  When the water is acidic and corrosion occurs, pitting in the inside walls of pipes is a possibility.  This pitting can lead to turbulence in the water that passes though the corroded piping.  Over time, the turbulent water can erode the walls of the metal pipes and cause pinhole leaks.

Erosion on the other hand, is caused by the actual act of water moving through your pipes.  This motion actually has the same effect on pipes as banks of a creek would on sand.  In most cases, the metal piping is able to withstand most erosion.  That said, sometimes existing corrosion or particles in your water can speed up the erosion process.

Whether your leak is caused by corrosion, erosion, or any other factor, Piper Mechanical offers leak repair services in Vancouver WA to get your life and your home back to normal.  For more information on our leak repair and other services, Click here.

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